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L’Aigle between Paris and the Mont-Saint-Michel (285 km/ 177 miles).  
Capital of the kingdom of France and the largest city in Europe in the Middle Ages, Paris has seen many pilgrims going to Mont Saint-Michel. They usually took the same route from the bridge of Saint-Cloud and traveled with the pilgrims of Saint Meén to Dreux. Crossing the whole of Normandy, this path, used throughout the Middle Ages and the modern era has been restored accurately with the help of various documents from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
 After Dreux, the path went thru Verneuil-sur-Avre, L’Aigle, Echauffour, Exmes, Argentan, Ecouché, Pain-d'Avaine (town of Isigny-le-Buat) and Ducey.
Arrived in the bay of the Mont, into Bas-Courtils, there were only three more stops on the shore before reaching the sanctuary of the Archangel.
Also, on "The paths of Saint Michael" take a moment to visit L’Aigle. In particular you can visit the Church of St. Martin in the heart of the city. You will find on our site ADSM all details about the church and its environment: documents, events, etc ...
You, the “Miquelots” (name for the people who walk the paths of Mont Saint Michel), can then continue your way through our department (ORNE) via its numerous stud farms, the Argentanaise plain, then the “bocage” (the grove) and the country side marked by its hills near Domfront, before entering the Mortainais country side, where you will finally see the Mount.
* Paris
* …
* L’Aigle, former fortified town in the heart of the Pays d'Ouche, its castle and its churches
* Saint-Evroult-Notre-Dame-Du-Bois and the ruins of the abbey
* Gacé and its fifteenth century castle
* The Haras National du Pin, «  the Versailles  of the horse »
* Argentan,  formerly walled town and crossway for the people "Miquelots" and "Jacquets" (name for the people who walk the paths of Mont Saint Michel and paths of Saint Jacques of Compostele)
* Ménil-Gondouin and its church so full of life
* La Ferrière aux Etangs and its rock of  Saint-Michel
* Domfront, the medieval city where the ruins of the ramparts and the castle are still visible
For more information and to find out about the path from Paris to Mont Saint Michel visit (with your mouse you will have more details).
Here is an excerpt of the path between L’ Aigle and Domfront


See also the association the "Paths to Saint Michael" whose mission is to enhance  the cultural and tourist itineraries of the regions
you pass by.
You will also find here the list of accommodations on the paths, or in each stop you light do and by municipality, entitled "Les Miquelots pratiques", download in pdf format.
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