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Membership or membership renewal for 2015

You have joined the Association last year, and we Thank You very much!

Your membership ended at 31/08/2014 and we have not yet registered your renewal. You have received our half-year reports of activities and projects.

If you are a new member, be also thanked!

At the heart of L’Aigle, St Martin's Church is like a pivot around which much of the local life is developed.

There is more people visiting the church than others sites of interest: we estimate about 30,000 people for a hundred ceremonies as well as visitors to discover its architectural features. From experience, visitors are numerous.

The ADSM attempts to show that the church plays also an important role in the economic development as well as in the heritage, music and tourism in addition to the spiritual connotations, hence the term "in the neighborhood" in the acronym of the Association.

The ADSM educates the citizens of l’Aigle reminding them that their church is a property belonging to the community, but that everyone should be interested in its maintenance and enhancement in order to maintain a pleasant and welcoming building.

The ADSM wants to:
- develops actions to promote the attractiveness of the Pays de l’Aigle, through numbers of tourist sites.
- The development of future attractions and promote increased development and links to the region
- The cooperation between the municipality of l’Aigle and the Parish Saint Martin en Ouche to enable actions towards planning permission, renovation and to obtain the necessary funding
Your membership will cover the period 2014-2015 (01/09/2014 to 31/12/2015).
This membership allows you to:
              * Participate actively and morally to our actions,
              * to attend the General Meeting,
              * to help us to finance our actions and the running of the Association,

              * to access on the website to your space as  member .

So we need SUPPORT in the organization as well as financially.
Membership form or renewal:

Name and Surname:

(to inform you better, to reduce costs, and access on the website to your space as a member)

Wish to be a member of the ADSM and receive our reports.                YES                NO   (circle one)

Contribution for the 2014/2015 (01/09/2014 to 31/12/2015):                         5 €.     (Same as 2013-2014)
Give an additional donation for the actions of the ADSM:                          .... €       (Tax deductible if > 20 €)
Total payment                                                                                                       ... .. €     by Check Cash (circle one)
« Your contact informations are confidential, and will only be used by ADSM. You will benefit from a direct access to your space and will be able to make all the necessary changes.
Don’t hesitate to contact directly ADSM if you want to have access. »

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