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The Association « Les Amis de l’église Saint Martin en son quartier » has as objectives to stimulate and promote conservation, restoration and enhancement, of the Church of Saint Martin de L'Aigle , its furnishings, and its presence in its neighborhood known as Saint Martin.
The association will conduct all operations to save and to make known the considerable heritage, worship, music and culture of this church, and:
-  to participate in the running and development of the district of Saint Martin.
-  to promote its interaction with the Saint Martin neighborhood.
In addition to these actions, or goals, the restoration and enhancement of the Organ of St. Martin, will be sought in particular by encouraging the teaching of the organ and other forms of cultural life.
These actions will be conducted in collaboration with the municipality of L’Aigle and the Parish of St. Martin in Ouche.
Who are we ?
On August 28th 2012, The ADSM has developed in its purpose and objectives, in particular to defend the Church of St Martin in its neighborhood.
The ADSM bureau is composed of 4 members. The Council consists of 10 members from different backgrounds. This association Act of 1901, has about 170 members.
Objective :   " To develop  the attractiveness of the Church of Saint Martin de L'Aigle, serving all »
          At the heart of L’Aigle, the Church of St Martin is like a pivot around which we can find much of the local life.
A place of gathering and of prayer for many visitors; a place to for others ... The Church of St Martin in l’Aigle leaves few indifferent. Certainly more people come by than to go to the movies and the field. The evaluation of the attendance in 2012: more than 30,000 people for a hundred ceremonies, including visitors who come to explore its architectural features.
The ADSM, with the municipality of l’Aigle and the Parish St Martin in Ouche shows that the church is also an economic asset. It offers music, historical heritage and visitors’ attraction as well as worship. The shops ‘owners and the residents in the neighborhood can find a center of events and different activities developing the economic and social life.
The ADSM educates the citizens of l’Aigle reminding them that their church is a property belonging to the community, but that everyone should be interested in its maintenance and enhancement in order to maintain a pleasant and welcoming building.
The ADSM wants to:
-  develops actions to promote the attractiveness of the Pays de l’Aigle, through numbers of tourist sites.
- The development of future attractions and promote increased development to the region
- The cooperation between the municipality of l’Aigle and the Parish, to enable actions towards planning permission, renovation and to obtain the necessary funding.
So far an association aimed to restore the organ. But with the challenges of restoration beyond mere instrumental issues it was decided to expand the scope of this association to the whole church and its impact on the neighborhood.
Therefore, this new association aims to promote the restoration and the life of the church of St. Martin:
• specially with the town of l’Aigle who owns the building with all the responsibility that it carries,
• with the Parish who is responsible for use and oversight,
• with all the people who show a particular interest in the Church
• as well as all public and private partners who could contribute
or whom? And How.
Visitors coming into l’Aigle go most often to the Tourist Office and to the town Center. It is for them the opportunity to discover the town of L'Aigle: its environment, its shops and its church. To give visitors the desire to prolong their stay, the town must have a pleasant and friendly environment.
It is also vital that the people of l’Aigle feel good about their town. This is an essential condition for the creation of a pleasant atmosphere and a positive message focused on the town. For ADSM, the Church of St Martin has also the function of increasing the attractiveness of the town of l’Aigle, through its architectural and musical features.
The ADSM is:
- An additional force to the municipality of l’Aigle and the Parish => force of proposals and actions
- A way to link all the participants and beneficiaries related to the church The people of l’Aigle and neighboring municipalities (Parishioners or not), Shops owners (Neighbors), The visitors coming to l’Aigle and surrounding areas;  to discover its culture (Architecture, History and Music), The singers and musicians, and the public, The partners (Tourist Office, Town Hall, Communauté de Communes, Pays de l'Aigle)
- Helping to promote the City of l’Aigle having a more welcoming church, explaining its historical and architectural heritage, giving a comprehensive offer of Tourism and Commercial activity, and An ability to show its musicals assets, allowing musicians, choral and other groups to express themselves.
Why the Church of Saint Martin of  l’Aigle ?
Its location in the center of l’Aigle explains its economic attractiveness, heritage, musical features and tourism. The assets of the church are:
  • The History, with its special features
  • The Tower
  • The Stained Glass Windows
  • The Altars and Baptismal Font
  • The Organ
  • The Statues : inside and outside (Facade, Tower,…)
  • Unusual features
The other churches in l’Aigle: St. John and St. Barthelemy are not excluded from the tourist and architectural environment they represent. The needs on the main church of l’Aigle, situated in the town center, are a priority without being at the expense of the other two churches!
More information
We cannot explain to you everything, but for more information and to help you to understand better  the value of our actions, you can contact us at:
Email:  or thru this site.
This will allow you to ask for more information, register your participation, your membership, give your opinion and share it with us.

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